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If Santa was late this year- advice on your delivery rights

Elisabetta Sciallis, Legal Advisor for the UK European Consumer Centre, hosted by the Trading Standards Institute says:

“When consumers buy presents online at Christmas time and have expressly agreed that the goods must be delivered before or on a particular date, if the goods arrive after the agreed date, the consumer may hold the trader liable for a breach of contract (unless the Traders' Terms and Conditions contain disclaimers in case of extraordinary circumstance preventing delivery to the agreed schedule).

This applies to goods bought online both cross-border in the EU or at home in the UK.

It also applies throughout the rest of the year, as well as at Christmas-time. A breach of contract allows the consumer to ask for compensation  (under general UK contract law) or have the option to cancel the contract and send the goods back as part of their cooling-off rights under Distance Selling legislation.”