Policy briefs

The Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) is an essential tool to protect consumers from criminals. From our point of view POCA powers are vital in bringing criminals to task, to stop them feeding off the vulnerable and undermining legitimate businesses. Trading Standards often exercises its POCA powers in tandem with the police or other significant enforcement agencies. TSI Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 HoL oral question policy note

Energy Doorstep Selling - TSI is aware that across the UK there are numerous examples illustrating the problem of utility companies ignoring the wishes of consumers who display deterrence signs in their property. One energy company has justified its actions by reiterating the argument that ‘no cold calling signs’ are only meant to deter rogue traders. Unfortunately this is the legal position. TSI Energy Doorstep Selling Policy Brief

Consumer Insurance Law Reform - Insurance law is an unreformed area of law adversely affecting consumers. Current law dates back to the Marine Insurance Act of 1906 and has not kept pace and modernised in line with the evolution of the consumer movement.The Law Commission has drafted the 'Consumer Insurance (Disclosure and Representation) Bill'. TSI Consumer Insurance Law Reform Policy Brief

Scams & Think Jessica - Postal scams are a silent threat to many vulnerable and older adults across the UK. Scam mail is a terrible interference in people’s lives and there is no means of preventing the mail from reaching targeted households. The Think Jessica campaign is launching a national poster campaign on 1 October that TSI is supporting. The aim of the poster is to raise awareness of postal scams; advising people to think before sending money to claim fake prizes from bogus lotteries, competitions, catalogues and clairvoyants. TSI Scams & Think Jessica Policy Brief

See also ‘What you should know about SCAMS across the EU’, on the UK European Consumer Centre (UK ECC) website.

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