TSI policy statements


TSI wants to see Government exercising leadership in taking the country towards full metrication without prevarication and in a manner that will not alienate those who are less familiar with metric units of measurement. We also want to see greater support from Government when our members at their employing local authority are forced to take legal action deemed necessary, proportionate and in the public interest. 

Product Safety

Consumer product safety is an imperative for businesses and consumers alike. The evidence across Europe and globally however illustrates that dangerous products remain a threat. The failure by the Government to sustain the up-to-date recording of consumer accident data is out of step with this threat. TSI wants to see this omission corrected, and soon.

Proceeds of Crime Act

Making criminals pay for their crimes and not prosper from assets illegally gained is now a cornerstone of our criminal justice system. TSI wants to see more of its members trained in financial investigation to ensure that fraudsters don't benefit from their crimes and society is reimbursed from their ill-gotten gains.

Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act

RIPA powers are critical to trading standards work.  Their loss would seriously hinder the ability of our members to protect the vulnerable and bring criminals to task. We accept that the authorisation process and code of practice need to be looked at - councils need to be able to demonstrate why they are using these powers.