Policy Priorities

Trading Standards professionals work in local authorities across the UK to enforce approximately 250 separate pieces of legislation. They cover a wide range of subject areas, from agriculture and animal health to weights and measures. 

TSI are calling for greater recognition of the contribution of trading standards in each of these key areas. View the TSI manifesto 2015 here.  

By maitaining standards and enforcing the law in these areas, trading standards services contribute to four key priorities for local and central government:

Facilitating economic recovery

Trading Standards services support businesses by providing advice and targeting rogue traders who undermine legitimate businesses.

Improving the health of society

Trading Standards professionals work in their local communities to combat underage sales of restricted products like tobacco and alcohol, tackle obesity through their work on food standards and nutritional labelling and engage with victims of scams and money lending to reduce distress and anxiety.

Protecting the environment

Enforcement of packaging legislation helps to minimise waste and encourage recycling, while fair trading work ensures that environmental claims are genuine and consumers can make informed choices about the products they purchase. 

Strengthening community safety

Trading Standards services work to prevent and disrupt doorstep crime and mass marketing scams and prevent harm to children and young people through accessing age restricted goods.