The Ten Pillars

The Consumer Landscape Review came at a time when local authorities were delivering cuts to services as the Government reduced local government funding in response to the economic downturn and national debt. 
As a result of this some authorities began to review outsourcing some of their work, including trading standards. CTSI responded to this in 2012 by producing the Ten Pillars - a guide to expected standards for the service regardless of who manages the staff and work.



The Ten Pillars

1. That the service is designed to protect the economic, trading standards and consumer protection interests of the citizens and economies it serves through risk-based consumer and public protection interventions.

2. That the service is designed to a standard that recognises its responsibilities to the local, regional, and national consumer and public protection system.

3. That the service satisfies its statutory obligations set by central agencies/Government departments and the EU.

4. That the service understands the needs of its communities and businesses and is accountable to them through local mechanisms.

5. That the service is appropriately resourced according to value for money principles and enjoys active local democratic accountability and scrutiny.

6. That the service plays an active role within the regional infrastructure and where appropriate contributes towards the activities of the National Trading Standards Board or equivalent structure within the devolved nations. 

7. That the service operates to national best practice and recognises statutory guidance that is produced by Government and relevant central agencies. 

8. That the service maximises efficiency and effectiveness by working in partnership with other local authority services, third sector organisations and other relevant agencies through coordinating operational programmes and practices towards societal and economic outcomes.

9. That the service recognises and uses the trading standards national qualification framework or other future standards, recognised by statute, where applicable.

10. That the service commits to membership of professional bodies and associations where applicable.