Think jessica campaign

Postal scams are a silent threat to many vulnerable and older adults across the UK. Scam mail is a terrible interference in people’s lives and there is no means of preventing the mail from reaching targeted households.  Those that perpetrate this crime often operate from outside the UK and cheat thousands of UK citizens out of their money.

think jessica campaignThe Think Jessica campaign launched a national poster campaign on 1 October 2009. TSI supports this campaign. The aim of the poster is to raise awareness of postal scams; advising people to think before sending money to claim fake prizes from bogus lotteries, competitions and catalogues. It is designed to appeal to the families of victims/potential victims and directly to victims themselves so that they recognise that what they are doing is responding to a scam.

It is hoped that banks, building societies and post offices, which are directly involved in the process of the withdrawal of money for these scams, will support the campaign and display the poster.

We are encouraging all trading standards services to download and display the posters available from

Also download the Think Jessica booklet Scam Mail is Blackmail - Information and advice about scam mail and the Think Jessica campaign (8pp PDF 1.6MB)

Think Jessica! launch

 Marilyn Baldwin of the Think Jessica! campaign at the poster launch

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