A user-friendly edition of ICSMS tailored to the UK Trading Standards service has now been fully integrated and added to our flagship information system ts interlink.

ICSMS – Information communication system for market surveillance provides an online pan-European comprehensive product information database. 

ICSMS is an existing European Commission-owned system that stores product information that European Market Surveillance Authorities (MSAs) have examined.  As a case handling tool, it provides details throughout the inspection process including product origins, movement through the supply chain, issues of concern and steps taken to resolve issues.

It has been designed to reduce duplication of effort by MSAs across Europe and was adopted by the European Commission as the RAMS Article 23 General Information Support System.

ts interlink already carries complete RAPEX and Article 9 notifications as well as UK product recalls, the addition of ICSMS completes a comprehensive product safety picture that shortens communication paths and saves costs - making this an essential tool for product safety professionals.

A video showing the functionality of ICSMS and how to navigate the system can be viewed at ICSMS demo