Pattern approvals

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Pattern approvals information - technical standards used for weights and measures equipment approval - is available at your fingertips through ts interlink.

ts interlink includes over 7,000 electronic documents, containing the full text and images of all relevant pattern approvals information.

The UK standards are issued by the National Measurement and Regulation Office (NMRO) in print, so this is a quick way to access them.

Pattern approvals information is:

  • easy to find using a powerful free-text retrieval system
  • regularly updated
  • combined with other relevant information such as ts mail messages
  • available online

This information is contained in four separate databases:

  • certificates and amendments
  • WMs (NMRO has ceased publication of these but our database is maintained)
  • NMO Guidance
  • MID certificates

Text and images can be printed out for reference and text can be used in other documents.

ts interlinka leading information source.