e-learning college

e-leanring centre logoFlexible learning for you

The ts e-learning college gives you access to professional knowledge and education materials to support your career and professional development both at work and at home.

Designed for all levels of professional

Our popular e-learning solution has been designed to help professionals at all levels:

  • students and new recruits
  • experienced officers wanting to keep up with changes in the law
  • anyone wanting to keep up with best practice
  • for those looking at developing and maintaining professional knowledge

The ts e-learning college provides multi-media materials to help you develop professionally. These include:

  • learning plans
  • case studies
  • scenarios
  • courses
  • guidance notes
  • check lists
  • videos
  • examination and revision materials and tips

Benefits for you

  • a cost effective way to learn
  • 24-hour availability
  • workplace based learning
  • support for students and qualified professionals
  • course content categorised under the CSCATS (formerly FCATS)  and DCATS service delivery modules
  • access to course activities and past exam questions
  • Continuous Personal and Professional Development (CPPD) hours allocated to courses

ts e-learning college brochure (PDF 2.05MB)