We are currently working on upgrades for ts interlink to improve what the system offers you. The first brand new feature is the addition of microsites.

Microsites are mini-sites where you can securely share project resources and which you can use as a document repository accessed by the whole trading standards community or your chosen group. This means you can access all information in one place.

What are microsites?
  • sub-sections of ts interlink that you can populate with your own material
  • secure and fully searchable
  • post and share important project news
  • shared document repository – Word, Excel, PDF
  • you have complete control of readership
  • create your own site using a simple form
  • ts mail alerts users when there is a new posting.
How will I use them?
  • you will be able to create your own microsites and post comments against other microsites.
  • use as a project resource tool to raise awareness of what you are working on
  • share new projects/initiatives cross-border, locally, regionally or nationally
  • access all relevant information and documents in one place including Word, PDF, etc
  • you select the readership, the entire trading standards audience can be reached
  • you will never miss any important information and will always stay informed
  • share sensitive information outside of your service securely.

If you have any questions, please contact helpdesk@tsi.org.uk.