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It is always a great challenge to give consumer and business guidance because of the vast array of complex laws that we have.

So to help you out we offer the syndication service ts broadcast, delivering a variety of content to your corporate website. This cost-effective quality controlled product ensures reliable up-to-date advice and information. Take a look at our iframe version - providing a comprehensive advice pack for your businesses.

Download a ts broadcast content overview

ts broadcast is a national solution delivered locally. It will:

  • supply information, advice and important product safety recall details.
  • help corporate IT departments present quality controlled information.
  • provide material developed by CTSI.

See how other authorities are using broadcast at Shropshire , Hampshire and South Lanarkshire.

As a ts broadcast user you benefit from:

  • comprehensive advice and information for businesses and consumers, to engage all citizens.
  • material for your website in your authority’s livery and corporate style.
  • nationally produced leaflets, updated and maintained for you by CTSI's panel of experts.
  • less work dealing with information requirements in producing and maintaining the information.
  • easy content management for your website.
  • approved content that can be tailored to go with your own local material.

Over 50 per cent of trading standards authorities in the UK are using ts broadcast or ts community. ts broadcast offers the perfect solution for trading standards services and other information providers.

How useful will it be to me? 

To give you an idea, Bromley are currently nearing one million hits since they subscribed (in June 2010), which includes listings and articles they have viewed. Once you have ts broadcast you will wonder how you coped without it!

Computer Weekly has also described the system as a 'Smart Project'.

Access is available using differing technologies - JavaScript, web service or iframe - to meet the specific technical needs of your own ICT systems.

Take a look at our ts broadcast brochure (PDF 3.82MB), the ts broadcast JavaScript manual (PDF 268Kb) or ts broadcast web service manual (PDF 765Kb). We also have sample code showing how to consume the web service using ASP-classic, VB.net and C#.

ts broadcast - maximum effect, minimum effort