CPPD requirements

You are required to maintain your continued professional and personal competence (CPPD) linked to examinations already undertaken if you wish to use these to achieve an award.   For full information please see the Trading Standards Qualifications Framework (TSQF) regulations.


For all three examinations within the Core Skills in Consumer Affairs and Trading Standards (CSCATS) a total of 15 hours of CPPD.  At least 2 hours needs to be for each subject.  

For any individual subjects (CSCATS or DCATS subjects) a minimum of 10 hours CPPD is required.

20 hours CPPD is required for legal metrology, 10 hours legal metrology technology and 10 hours in legal metrology law.

Evidence and submission

Your evidence can be from, training courses, in house training, mentoring, lecturing, specific related meetings, etc....

Please refer to the CPPD handbook for useful tips on evidence.

Collate your evidence together and email it through to qualifications@tsi.org.uk.

The team will have the evidence reveiwed and confirm with you the outcome.

For free CPPD assessment candidates can use BRDO's RDNA Tool.