FAQs and candidate examples

Q: I have completed the foundation and a service delivery module portfolio, 
     how do the revised changes to the portfolios affect me – do I have to do
     anything else?

A: As you have completed both foundation and a service delivery module, you
     have completed everything required of the core portfolio, and you don’t
     have to do anything else in relation to the core portfolio.

Q: What other service delivery modules don’t have subject specific portfolios?

A: All other subject areas do not have a portfolio of evidence attached to them
     apart from legal metrology and animal heatlh and welfare.  Food,
     agriculture and legal metrology do have practical and oral exams as well as the written

Further FAQs can be found in the linked document. (PDF 80KB) 

You may be wondering how your completed elements now fit into the revised TSQF,  provided are candidate examples which may help you to recognise your own position (PDF 85KB).

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