Guidance arising from discussions at the external verifiers meeting will be published in this section.

Data protection

All local authorities have their own guidelines regarding data protection which candidates must adhere to.

In addition, to ensure that the authority and CTSI do not breach data protection laws, CTSI requests that any evidence and documents collated for the portfolios of evidence that are to be sent outside an authority for verification purposes should have details that are protected by data protection legislation blanked out or made anonymous.

Personal statements

Certain assessors and internal verifiers are insisting that candidates provide a personal statement for each piece of evidence that details how that piece of evidence meets the stated criteria and range.

This is not necessary and over burdensome.

The candidate should make sure that each piece of evidence submitted to their assessor is referenced and that the assessment criteria and range that the evidence is being assessed against is identified. It is the assessor's responsibility to assess the piece of evidence as a whole.

If the assessor believes the evidence does not meet the stated criteria, the assessor must then feed this back to the candidate and then discuss with the candidate how the criteria could be met.

This feedback should be documented and referenced. The assessor's comments for this should be entered on form Assess 5.

In some instances, the candidate may feel that they wish to give an overview of a piece of evidence to the assessor, this is acceptable but should not be insisted upon.