Roles of assessors and verifiers


The primary role of an internal assessor (IA) is to assess candidates' performance in a range of tasks to ensure the evidence submitted by the candidate meets the assessment criteria.

Continuing compentence

As an assessor you need to be occupationally competent in the subjects areas that you will be assessing.

You must have attended the assessor training course and each year you need to complete the online continuous professional and personal development (CPPD) requirements.


  • ensuring your candidate is aware of his/her responsibility in the collection and presentation of evidence
  • agreeing an assessment plan with your candidate
  • following assessment guidelines provided
  • observing candidates' performance in the workplace or conducting other forms of assessment
  • judging the evidence and making assessment decisions
  • maintaining records of candidates' achievements
  • confirming your candidates have demonstrated competence/knowledge and completing the required documentation
  • ensuring that assessment is carried out within equality of opportunity best practice


The primary role of an internal verifier (IV) is to monitor the work of all assessors, to ensure that they are applying the assessment criteria consistently throughout all assessment activities.

Continued competence

You must have attended the assessor and verifier training course and each year you need to complete the online CPPD requirements.


  • ensuring that assessors follow the assessment guidelines provided
  • advising and supporting assessors to assist them in interpreting and applying the assessment criteria
  • sampling assessment activities, methods and records to monitor consistency of assessment decisions
  • providing assessors with prompt, accurate and constructive feedback on their assessment decisions
  • undertaking an active role in raising and disseminating issues of good practice, consistency and quality assurance in assessment practice.
  • ensuring that equal opportunities and anti discriminatory practices are upheld in the assessment process
  • liaising with assessors, candidates and the external verifier to implement the quality assurance requirements of the assessment system.

As part of the submission process the external verifier will ask the IV for the following documentation:

  • copy of the portfolio submission form
  • all assessment plans and action plans (form assess 1)
  • subject assessment summary forms (form assess 2)
  • all observation reports (form assess 4)
  • candidate assessment feedback forms (form assess 5)
  • witness statement list
  • all internal verification documentation