Assessment Forms

The following documentation are the internal assessor and verifier documentation required for version 3 of the portfolios.

The subject matrices (form assess 2) and checklists can be found alongside the portfolios of evidence.

assessor documentation 

Candidate record form (Word 78KB)
Assessment plan example (Assess1) (Word 108KB)
Assessment plan (Assess1) (Word 106KB)
Observation report (Assess3) (Word 46KB)
Assessment feedback (Assess4) (Word 51KB)
Witness list (Word 37KB)
Assessor checklist (Word 162KB)

The assessment documentation numbering has been amended with the introduction of Version 3.

verifier documentation

Guidance note (Word 40KB)
IV 01 sampling report form (Word 80KB)
IV 02 monitoring assessor via observation (Word 60KB)
IV 02a monitoring via candidate interview (Word 68KB)
IV 02b monitoring via assessor interivew (Word 65KB)
IV 03 sampling plan (Xls 42KB)
IV checklist (Word 67KB)
Monitoring assessor performance checklist (Word 51KB)