Chartered Trading Standards Practitioner

CTSP requirements 

  • Full Membership of CTSI

  • Completed CTSP application form 

  • evidence of up to date CPPD or evidence of employer CPD. Copy certificates only. 20hrs total required (for the calendar year)

  • registration into the CTSI CPPD scheme

  • evidence of Degree or NQF level 6 form of study (Level 9 SCQF)

  • or reflective statement in lieu of a level 6 qualification (Level 9 SCQF)

  • copy of appropriate TS Qualification (DTS/DCA 1&2/DCATS or anticedent)  

  • or a reflective statement demonstrating TS knowledge

  • evidence of personal development plan (for the calendar year), using the mandatory form 2

  • completed Evidence Schedule using the mandatory form 4

Applicants should note that we require all applicable documents listed above; as the submissions are scrutinised by an external verifier. Blank forms are attached to the CTSP application form and examples can be found in the CPPD handbook.


Guidance on these points can be found under the CTSP requirements tab.


Personal Development Plan and CPPD evidence must be submitted each year.



CTSI has to wait until several applications are available for review by the verifiers. In general the applications take about a month to six weeks to process from receipt of completed application by CTSI, items missing will of course delay the application process. Please contact us if you have any queries. We will advise candidates if timescales vary from this.

Still unsure? 

If you are looking to submit a CTSP application please complete the following short questionaire, this will inform you of what evidence will be required for submission to CTSI.

Remember to quote your unique number on the top of your application form, which will be on the screen with the final response.