You want your employee to achieve the professional qualifications; Trading Standards Qualifications Framework (TSQF).  To do this you need to consider or have in place:


You need to get your employee to register as a candidate into the TSQF.  The individual will need to complete the registration form (form A) and return this to CTSI.  This gives the indiviudal a unique TSQF candidate number.


You need to consider how your employee will gain their knowledge for the professional qualifications. More detail can be found within the training section. 

Portfolios of evidence

You will need to appoint an internal assessor (IA) for each candidate and an overall internal verifier (IV) for your candidates' portfolios of evidence and ensure they plan your employees skills competency development.

The IA assesses the candidate's performance in a range of tasks and ensures the evidence submitted by the candidate meets the assessment criteria. An assessor needs to be occupationally competent in the subject areas being assessed.

The IV monitors the work of all your assessors to ensure that they are applying the assessment criteria for the competency of skills consistently throughout all assessment activities. The IV is also your liaison with the external verifier whose chief role is to verify the decisions made by internal verifiers.

IAs and IVs must attend a TSI assessor and verifier training course.

Ensure your employee is aware of the requirements of the portfolio.