Key information

  • the written exams occur once a year, in November
  • the exam cycle will have its own candidate exam registration rorm (Form C)
  • exam cycle has a deadline for entry
  • a purchase order number must be provided on the registration form
  • if taking a practical and/or oral exam, ensure the relevant portfolio of evidence has been submitted to your regional external verifier - see information below**
  • The examiners may expect candidates to show knowledge of legislation which is in place but not in force, i.e. has been enacted and regulations which have been made which are not yet in force if they are directly relevant to the subject-matter of the examination.

CTSI will provide you with

  • the deadline for entering exams posted on the qualifications home page
  • an emailed confirmation of receipt of your exam registration form
  • the timetables for the written and practical/oral exams for downloading two weeks after the registration deadline on the qualifications home page
  • confirmation of your registration and an exam information pack posted to you five weeks before the written exams are due to take place

To enter the exams follow these steps

  • register into the examination cycle by completing and returning the candidate exam registration form
  • ensure you complete the Certificate of Competence area provided at the top of the second page. If this area is not completed, CTSI will assume you are taking a module certificate
  • if you have any special requirements during your exam, ensure you fill in the appropriate area on the registration form each time
  • be aware of the requirements as set out in conduct in invigilated exams
  • contact CTSI if you have not received confirmation of receipt of your entry after five working days
  • read through the exam information pack carefully on receipt. All exam details are printed on your exam card

Circumstances which may affect your performance

Inform the education and training team of your circumstances. The team will discuss options available to you and, if needed, defer you free of charge. If you have ongoing special requirements check the dedicated page.

What if something happens on the day of the exams?

Always get in touch with the team either beforehand or afterwards. You still have options available to you, and the team will take you through them. If you choose to go ahead, they will inform the appropriate people.

Please be assured that any circumstances reported are kept confidential.

**Practical and oral exams

Food standards and agriculture practical and oral exams requirement:
Candidates must have either submitted -
• the core skills portfolio
• or have submitted the foundation portfolio plus a 2.1 version portfolio
• or the foundation portfolio plus the foundation conversion portfolio

(Where the Version 2.1 portfolio previously submitted is the advice resokution and redress and the animal health and welfare portfolio, candidates are required to also submit the foundation conversion portfolio.)

Legal metrology practical and oral exams requirement:

Candidates must have either submitted by the published deadline-
• the core skills portfolio and the version 3 legal metrology portfolio
• Version 2.1 legal metrology portfolio.

all portfolios must be submitted by 1 October to the external verifier.

Guidance for written and practical and oral exams