Exam registration for November 2016 is now CLOSED - Exam timetables are available on the TSQF landing page

Remember to indicate on the form any special requirements; even if you have informed CTSI in previous years 

If you are taking practical and oral exams, remember to submit your portfolios by 1st October

**NEW statement**:Legal Metrology practical exam changes for November 2015...

The Trading Standards Qualifications Framework (TSQF) has written examinations with some subjects also having practical and oral examinations.

Examinations are held once a year in November.  

The structure of the written examinations has three sections and lasts for three hours plus 10 minutes reading time.

All examinations are closed book, except law of contract.  Closed book means you can not take any material into the exam. You will be provided with a list of permitted material that can be taken into the law of contract exam in your examination pack which you receive six week prior to the exams. 

more detail on the written examinations (PDF 123KB) can be found in the guidance

Exam Deferral

If you wish to defer your exams please complete the deferral form.

More general information for candidates regarding examinations and the processes attached to the examinations can be found in the candidate area of the website. 

Venue addresses

The written exam venues have previosulsy been at CTSI head office, Lancashire County Council, Caerphilly County Council, and North Lanarkshire. 

Each year CTSI ask the branches if they can support with hosting the examinations.

Food and Agriculture practical and oral exams -  St Giles Heathrow, Feltham, TW14 9AD

Legal Metrology practical and oral exams - BIS (Regulatory Delivery), Stanton Avenue,TW11 0JZ.

If you are taking practical and oral exams across both sites CTSI has timetabled your exams to ensure CTSI staff can drive you there. 

Circumstances which may affect your performance

Inform the education team of your circumstances. The team will discuss options available to you and, if needed, defer you free of charge. If you have ongoing special requirements check the dedicated page.

What if something happens on the day of the exams?

Always get in touch with the team either beforehand or afterwards. You still have options available to you, and the team will take you through them. If you choose to go ahead, they will inform the appropriate people.

Please be assured that any circumstances reported are kept confidential.


You may have examination passes allowing exemptions against the framework. Please send the team your certificate and transcript so that we can confirm any exemptions you may be entitled to. If once your exemptions have been confirmed you would like to claim for them, please complete the 'written exemption form'. A fee is applicable (see TSQF fees structure).

Exemptions application Form V2 2012 (151kb)