Getting started in the TSQF

The Trading Standards Qualifications Framework (TSQF) delivered by CTSI provides a modern qualification framework for all staff delivering the trading standards service.

The structure of the TSQF is modular, each module consisting of both examinations and assessment of a portfolio of evidence demonstrating competency in practical work.

There are three main levels of qualifications within the framework.

The TSQF exists for new employees whether they have just graduated or entered as a trainee straight from school or as a career change.

And if you choose to develop your existing officer's skills further, the framework is also ideal.

Remember earlier qualifications are still valid. Officers with prior trading standards qualifications do not have to convert them into the trading standards qualifications framework.

All candidates are eligible to take HCCATS. However, you need to be aware this level of the framework looks at strategic areas of trading standards and is not a practitioners qualification.