The TS Qualifications Framework section is dedicated to individuals looking to attain trading standards qualifications.

The trading standards qualifications framework (TSQF) launched in 2005 delivers a flexible, modular based framework for today's modern trading standards service.

This structure was recently reviewed and a revised structure was introduced in 2011 after a wide consultation period to ensure that the framework continues to be fit for purpose.

Continual development and adaption of the requirements for qualifying in trading standards enforcement is overseen by the Qualifications and Awards Board (QAB).

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TSQF Review

PLEASE NOTE: A new qualifications framework will be implemented in 2019. As a result, a single examination cycle will be run over 24 months in 2017 and 2018. Set out below is the split of modules across the two years which has been agreed by the Board.

Please note that this will be your last opportunity to sit these modules in their current format. Candidates who fail a module in 2017 and 2018 will be given a single opportunity to resit the module in the same academic year but these resits will not be open to new candidates.



Legal Metrology Law

Advice, Resolution and Redress

Legal Metrology Technology

Animal Health and Welfare

Legal Metrology practical & oral

Fair Trading Civil

Food written

Product Safety

Food practical & oral

Fair Trading Criminal

Agriculture written

Intellectual Property

Agriculture practical & oral

Intelligence & Investigative Principles

CSCATS Legal Systems


CSCATS Law of Contract


CSCATS Consumer Protection Environment


Intelligence & Investigative Principles



Please note that the IIP module will run in both years as it is a relatively recent addition to the framework for which there is still significant demand.

Clearly this limits the availability of the statutory qualifications in food, feed and metrology in 2017 and 2018. We have informed the relevant central government departments and they are considering the implications of these qualifications not being available to candidates in both years and their responsibilities in this matter. We will be discussing options with them over the next few weeks and will update you on any decisions about the availability of these qualifications.

Students should be aware that a full examination cycle will run this year (November 2016) and registrations are open until 1st September.