Maintaining competence

3.3.3 of the TSQF regulations state:

‘Once candidates are in the qualification framework, there will be no time limit to knowledge, but if candidates have taken examinations which they are using to progress their developments and these examinations are more than 5 years old, CTSI will require candidates to submit CPPD demonstrating how they have kept their knowledge competency up to date. The portfolio will still need to be completed in all relevant areas’.

CPPD hours for the Core Skills in Consumer Affairs and Trading Standards (CSCATS) three subjects; legal systems, law of contract and consumer protection environment you have to demonstrate the following:   

for all three CSCATS examinations:

a total of 15 hours of CPPD.  At least 2 hours needs to be for each core subject.  

individual examinations:

a minimum of 5 hours CPPD for the specific subject area.

for a subject area in the Diploma in Consumer Affairs and Trading Standards (DCATS):

10 hours CPPD per subject and 20 hours CPPD for legal metrology.

For free CPPD assessment candidates can use BRDO's RDNA Tool.