If you do not agree with the assessment decisions that have been made in relation to work you have undertaken for you portfolio the following steps should be followed.

Step 1

You should contact your assessor (IA) within ten working days of the assessment decision taking place. Both parties should agree to arrangements to discuss the decision that is the subject of disagreement and attempt to resolve the matter. If the disagreement cannot be resolved go to step 2.

Step 2

You should contact the internal verifier (IV) responsible for the verification of the work and give details of the disagreement. You must supply the relevant evidence to the verifier for examination. The verifier will then convene a meeting between all parties to attempt to broker an agreement. If agreement can not be reached then go to step 3.

Step 3

The IV will summarise the disagreement between the two parties and collect all of the evidence to the assessment decision and forward all of this to the external verifier (EV). The external verifier will review the evidence and documents relating to the disagreement and either agree or disagree with the assessment decision. The external verifier may choose to meet the parties and discuss the evidence. The matter will then be referred back to the assessor and you for the assessor to either sign off the assessment or for you to provide further evidence for assessment purposes.


Appealing against an IV or EV decision

If you are appealing against the decision of an internal verifier or external verifier then the matter will be referred to an appeals board consisting of:

an independent assessor

an independent internal verifier

an independent external verifier

a member of the CTSI examinations advisory board

chaired by the lead verifier or nominee

The appeal board may choose to conduct its business electronically or in person. The board will attempt to reach a determination on any appeal made to it within one calendar month of receipt and its decision shall be final and binding in all cases.  A fee is applicable.