Portfolios of evidence

A portfolio is a collection of documents which demonstrate knowledge based skills and work you have undertaken to be assessed as evidence to meet required skills outcomes.

An internal assessor will observe the candidate doing the everyday work of the trading standards service or review the candidate's submitted evidence or witness testimonies and assess their competence against laid down assessment criteria. Any and all the work that the candidate does can be evidence.

To understand the process of building a portfolio please read the process chart (PDF 82KB).

Structure of the portfolios

Each portfolio requires the completion of a number of defined tasks to meet the assessment criteria.

What type of evidence is required?

  • the service delivery module stipulates the specific skills you need to demonstrate and the evidence for these you need to submit.
  • documents can be in the form of reports, letters, computer printouts, photographs, observation reports, case files, emails...
  • evidence you provide should be two years old or less at the point you submit it for assessment unless discussed with your assessor and verifier.

How is a portfolio assessed?

There are three levels of assessment for your portfolio: internal assessment, internal verification and external verification. Internally

  • when assessing your performance or evidence the assessor will make a decision against each one of the assessment criteria.
  • if the assessor decides you have provided evidence of the necessary skills you will not be required to submit any further evidence.
  • if the assessor decides you have not yet provided sufficient evidence you will be expected to submit more.

Portfolios should be assessed by all those involved on an ongoing process, task by task. Portfolios should not be end loaded, that is given to the assessor only when completed. 

Portfolio subject areas

Portfolios are required at each level of the qualifications framework (CSCATS, DCATS and HDCATS/HCCATS).  The specific requirements can be viewed in the portfolios of evidence section.

Portfolios and practical and oral exams

If you are intending to sit a practical and oral exam you need to ensure you have completed the following requirements in relation to portfolio submissions, dependent on the subject being sat. 

Food standards and agriculture practical and oral exams requirement:
Candidates must have either submitted -
• the core skills portfolio
• or have submitted the foundation portfolio plus a 2.1 version portfolio
• or the foundation portfolio plus the foundation conversion portfolio

(Where the Version 2.1 portfolio previously submitted is the animal health and welfare portfolio, candidates are required to also submit the foundation conversion portfolio.)

Legal metrology practical and oral exams requirement:
Candidates must have either submitted by the published deadline-
• the core skills portfolio and the version 3 legal metrology portfolio
• Version 2.1 legal metrology portfolio.

all portfolios must be submitted by 1 October to the external verifier.