Portfolio submission

Once a portfolio has been signed off by the local authority assessor and verifier, it should be submitted to the regional external verifier (EV).

 PLEASE NOTE: Now that Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards are a joint service, please send portfolio submissions from these authorities to evlotsa@tsi.org.uk 

External verification flowchart(PDF 48KB)

The following documentation should be sent to the EV:   

  • all assessment plans (form assess 1)
  • subject assessment matrix (form assess 2)
  • observation reports (form assess 4)
  • assessment feedback (form assess 5)
  • action plan (form assess 7)
  • witness statement list
  • all IV documentation (sampling plan, candidate interview, observation reports, sampling report)

Submission to CTSI

Send the portfolio submission form to CTSI.

The EV will then request evidence from the portfolio for assessment. They do not always want to see all the whole portfolio.

Upon assessment the EV will complete their paperwork which will be sent to:

  • Verifier
  • CTSI on behalf of the qualifications and awards board
  • Lead external verifier

Portfolio submission form (PDF 227KB)

External verifiers' contact details (PDF 84KB)

process for external verification assessment (PDF 70KB)