Portfolio witness

Each candidate has a nominated assessor who is competent in both assessment and the area of competency they are assessing the candidate in.  The candidate must produce performance as well as documentary evidence relating to all of the relevant assessment criteria.  

It is neither practical or desirable for an assessor to witness all performance, and therefore the candidate will ask others to either provide witness testimony or endorse evidence they produce to show that they did what they say they did.

The candidate will probably give you a copy of the relevant assessment criteria to help you direct your testimony.

You are not being asked to make an assessment decision, merely give a record of what happens.

You should never assume anything about the candidates performance.

Only record or endorse what you actually see.

If you endorse a candidate's record of events please sign and date and print your name on every sheet.

If the candidate wishes you to make an observation of his/her performance and record what you see, he/she will supply you with a specific observation form that you will be asked to sign and date.

You will be asked to provide your contact details should the assessor and verifier wish to speak to you to confirm any details of the performance.

If you have any questions please ask the candidate or the candidate's assessor.