practical and oral exams

Practical and oral exams are held once a year in November, the week after the written exams.

Legal Metrology practical exams

From November 2015 BIS (Regulatory Delivery) has updated the practical examination.

From these changes, there has also been an update with the portfolio of evidence.

List of accommodation near to BIS (Regulatory Delivery) (PDF 379KB). 

Structure of the exams

For detailed guidance:
Food Standards and Agriculture practical and oral exams (PDF 117KB)
BIS (Regulatory Delivery) Legal Metrology practical and oral exam guidance (PDF 181KB)
Legal Metrology oral examinations guidance (PDF 78KB)

Food Sampling exam: you will have 20 minutes to read and complete the question and answer sheet including taking a sample of a given food.  All equipment is provided to you in the exam room. 

Note: you will be asked to sample any type of food stuff, for example - this is not an exhaustive list: nuts, meat (including beef, lamb, pork, chicken), fish, dairy products etc.  You are provided with latex free gloves to use during the exam.

Food practical exam paper example 1
Food practical exam paper example 2

Portfolios and practical and oral exams

Food standards and agriculture practical and oral exams requirement:
You must have either submitted -
• the core skills portfolio
• or have submitted the foundation portfolio plus a 2.1 version portfolio
• or the foundation portfolio plus the foundation conversion portfolio

(Where the Version 2.1 portfolio previously submitted is the advice resolution and redress and the animal health and welfare portfolio, candidates are required to also submit the foundation conversion portfolio.)

Legal metrology practical and oral exams requirement:
You must have either submitted-
• the core skills portfolio and the version 3 legal metrology portfolio
• Version 2.1 legal metrology portfolio.

all portfolios must be submitted by 1 October to the external verifier.