Prior learning

Assessment of prior learning is used for qualifications over five years old for the purpose of gaining exemptions to use within the framework. The information below details guidance and the submission paperwork required for the assessment panel.

detailed guidance (PDF 118KB)
prior learning submission form (PDF 50.9KB)
employer reference form (PDF 91KB)
example of employer reference (PDF 10KB)
example reflective statement (PDF 15KB)
How to build your assessment panel submission guide (PDF 318KB)

mapping documents:

Listed below are the TSQF mapping documentation.  Where appropriate you will also find a version with the Consumer Rights Act included, you can pick from either.  Please remember to ensure your knowledge is up to date once this Act comes into force.

updated  2015 Legal Systems (PDF 128KB)
updated  2015 Law of Contract including CRA (PDF 125KB)
updated  2015 Consumer Protection Environment (PDF 130KB)
updated  2015 Advice, Resolution and Redress including CRA (PDF 152KB
Agriculture (PDF 20KB)
updated  2015 Animal Health and Welfare (PDF 220KB)
updated  2015 Fair Trading Civil including CRA (PDF 120KB)
updated  2015 Fair Trading Criminal including CRA (PDF 83KB)
Food Standards (PDF 18KB)
updated  2015 Intellectual Property including CRA (PDF 146KB)
updated  2015 Legal Metrology including CRA (PDF 184KB)
updated  2015 Product Safety (PDF 82KB)
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