Syllabuses and Regulations


Updated Regulations (PDF 235KB) agreed by CTSI Council March 2015.


The syllabus below has now been reviewed and updated (where needed) in preparation for the November 2015 exam cycle.

Syllabuses are reviewed every year.

You should apply the current legislation in force at the time of your examinations.  The examiners may expect candidates to show knowledge of legislation which has been enacted and regulations which have been made which are nto yet in force if they are directly relevant to the subject-matter of the examination.

2016 Legal Systems (PDF 116KB)
2016 Consumer Protection Environment (PDF 193KB)
2016 Law of Contract (PDF 109KB)
2016 Advice, Resolution and Redress (PDF 133KB)
2016 Animal Health and Welfare (PDF 150KB)
2016 Fair Trading Civil (PDF 108KB)
2016 Fair Trading Criminal (PDF 130KB)
2016 Intelligence and Investigative Principles (PDF 185KB)
2016 Intellectual Property (PDF 128KB)
2016 Legal Metrology (PDF 142KB)
2016 Product Safety (PDF 87KB) June 2014 Bibliography (PDF 94K)
2016 Agriculture (PDF 234KB)
2016 Food Standards (PDF 114KB)
HDCATS/HCCATS Management of Quality (PDF 90KB)
HDCATS/HCCATS Management of Regulatory Services (PDF 91KB)

*Please see important information on the requirements of portfolio submissions and practical and oral exams.