TSQF Structure and Governance

Vision and Strategy

The strategy and vision for the Trading Standards Qualifications Framework (TSQF) identifies the way forward to ensure that the qualifications remain relevant, fit for purpose and sustainable.

Vision for the TSQF (PDF 435KB)
Strategy for the TSQF (PDF 84KB)


The Trading Standards Qualification Framework (TSQF) governance structure is below.

CTSI Council devolve daily decision making to the Qualifications and Awards Board who work with the CTSI executive to deliver and adminster the TSQF.

The CTSI executive work with many stakeholders and groups to review and feedback to TSQF related discussions.

The Professional Standards Focus Group is representatives from heads of service regional representatives, professional groups and stakeholder, providing to CTSI executive with a forum for discussions, exchange of ideas and liaison with local authorities, regional groups and nations. For more information on the focus group please read the article. (PDF 59KB)