Yearly registration

CTSI have undertaken a review of the registration process to ensure that the Trading Standards Qualifications Framework (TSQF) remains sustainable.

A yearly registration for the TSQF is required once you have been in the framework for three years.

If you are a new candidate

You/your employer will be required to pay the initial candidate registration which covers your registration for the first three full years.

At the end of your third year CTSI will contact you about the yearly registration fee.

If you are already in the framework

Once your intitial three years have been completed CTSI will contact you every year regarding the yearly registration fee.

The yearly fee to be paid is based on the activity you have completed in the TSQF in the previous calender year. 

This activity is either active or non active (you took an exam or submitted a portfolio).

If CTSI do not hear from you then we will make your record dormant. Once dormant CTSI will not contact you about the yearly registration fee.

You can reactivate your record by paying the yearly registration fee.

You can only go dormant once. After six years of dormancy you are required to complete the initial registration again.