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The Institute encourages dialogue to help business navigate safely through Brexit and COVID-19 uncertainty
The past few years have seen organisations struggle to understand the impact Brexit will have on their businesses. The transition period promised some clarity, but suddenly the COVID-19 pandemic appeared, bringing businesses to the point of unprecedented disruption and levels of uncertainty not seen in peacetime.

Changes to legislation can be complicated, and failure to understand how these changes affect your business can result in costly mistakes and reputational damage. It would be easy to let best practices slip at this time, but it has never been more essential to take hold of the reins and act responsibly as it is now. Our team can help you avoid these risks and play a pivotal role in shaping your policies to manage the impact on your business and those of your member's and provide a platform for your voice to be heard.

The CTSI policy team are working tirelessly to ensure that as we await the finer details about our exit from the EU, the law continues to safeguard consumers, support businesses and encourage economic growth. Now faced with the most significant threat to the world's health and economy, the team have demonstrated their agility and flexibility in delivering a COVID-19 response programme for businesses throughout the UK.

We understand the damage the coronavirus pandemic has brought upon businesses. Through our highly regarded reputation in local and central government and our experience in providing services in both the UK and internationally, we are ready to help your organisation navigate safely through these turbulent times.

By encouraging your dialogue and gaining insight into the challenges your business is facing, we can assist your understanding of shifts in legislation and the effects that exiting the EU will have on your business. We can provide you with clear guidance on the measures required to operate safely as we face the aftermath of COVID-19 - giving you the confidence to succeed as we begin our country's journey to recovery.

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