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CCAS Consultation

Invitation to Comment

The Consumer Codes Approval Board is interested to receive comments or observations on the application for approval of Code of Practices submitted by the following two organisations:

The applications are for Stage 1 approval, which means an assessment against the core criteria for approval on paper. The assessment of whether or not the code of practice is actually working in practice is at Stage 2.

This is an open invitation for comments about the proposed code, positive, negative or neutral and from organisations or individuals. The process for approval does not provide for any formal objections or support for a code to be assessed, but it is an open and transparent process and the Board is keen to ensure that all relevant considerations have been addressed. You can find out more about the scheme and the work of the Board on the CTSI website.

This open invitation to comment will close at noon on Monday 12 February 2018.

Comments can be submitted by e-mail to ccab@tsi.org.uk.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an open process so all comments made will (if appropriate) be publicly available and shared with the applicant.

Your comments should address whether or not in your view the application meets the core criteria for approval, so it would assist if you could set out your response by reference to those criteria.

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