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Vision and strategy

CTSI are determined that consumer protection gets the focus that it deserves in this general election as Brexit presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to refocus on what we all: businesses and consumers, want from consumer protection.

Thus we are offering each party a chance to set out their plans to protect consumers and maintain a fair marketplace in the 21st Century. Our open letters to the party leaders can be found below.  

Letter to party leaders

Letter to Theresa May

Letter to Jeremy Corbyn

The Institute believes the current model of trading standards is broken and needs to be fixed. Under-resourcing and a postcode lottery for protection, alongside a vast remit, means that the model of 192 separate services needs to be changed.

On this page you can read more about our research into challenges faced across the trading standards landscape, CTSI’s Vision for the future of the profession, and submissions to various trading standards reviews.

Key messages 

  • We are consumer protection experts and will continue to work with governments and our partners to deliver our vision for larger, more strategic and sustainable trading standards services.
  • One point of contact within the UK government to represent and be accountable for trading standards.
  • Trading standards services within local government are chronically underfunded, leaving too many consumers and businesses exposed to criminals and unsafe products.
  • Making the most with the limited resource allocated, trading standards protects society’s most vulnerable people and creates level and fair trading conditions for honest businesses to thrive.
  • CTSI continues to deliver the leading education, career development and professional qualifications for trading standards, consumer protection and regulatory activities.

In delivering these aims CTSI will exploit appropriate commercial opportunities to support its charter aims.

Workforce Survey

The trading standards workforce survey 2016 provides the most concise and up to date information available on the state of local authority trading standards services across England, Scotland and Wales.

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CTSI's vision for trading standards

CTSI has published a new vision of larger, strategic trading standards authorities to replace the current structure of 200 local authority services, which, in the face of more budget cuts to come, is no longer sustainable.

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Impact and effectiveness of local authority trading standards services

CTSI, in partnership with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), commissioned a piece of independent academic research through the Institute for Local Government Studies at the University of Birmingham to examine the impact and effectiveness of local authority trading standards services.

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Safeguarding vulnerable adults

Trading standards has a responsibility to keep safe vulnerable adults from financial and other forms of abuse.

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Statutory Powers

Schedule of duties imposed on weights and measures authorities, local authorities, food authorities and feed authorities and other legislation likely to be enforced by trading standards departments.

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