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Friday 9 October

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CTSI Showcase


Hero Awards 2020

Featuring an address from Paul Scully MP and CTSI Chair Rob Taylour. Join us to celebrate the successes of the profession.

13:00 - 14:30

Live webinar -

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The CPCF Registration Process and overview

CTSI Qualifications Team

Find out details on how the registration process works and what steps you need to take to embark on your professional qualification.    PowerPoint  TBC   

Professional practice: hot topics and how to approach them

Cameron Crowe and Bryan Lewin, Gough Square Chambers

This recording sees Bryan and Cameron discussing four hot topics relating to professional practice, how investigators ought to approach them and what the consequences can be if you get it wrong.    Recording 50mins   

Communicating consumer protection amid a crisis

CTSI Communications Team and Sylvia Rook, CTSI Lead Officer Fair Trading

This presentation will talk about how communication with the media can be a very useful tool for getting the message of Trading Standards to the public, businesses, and the Government.  Sylvia will talk from a personal perspective about challenges when dealing with the media, including what you need to think of before getting involved, the difficulties being the voice of ‘trading standards’, and the perils of Part 9 of the Enterprise Act.  She will also talk about what to do when your interview is hijacked by the journalist live on air! This session aims to give practical assistance to those who suddenly find themselves thrust in front of a television camera.
  Recording TBC  

Open for Business

College of Fellows

Looking at what the College has to offer you!
  Recording TBC  

Let's talk about race and equalities

Tendy Lindsay, CTSI race and equalities group

A Q and A session about how CTSI are tackling race and equalities issues
  Recording TBC  

Identifying and coping with stress session by Mind the charity for Better Mental Health

Liz Swanson from Mind, the charity for Better Mental Health will be delivering a live session for those suffering from stress or living/working with someone close to them needing help and support. There will be an opportunity at the end to ask questions. If you do not have the zoom app, you can view the meeting in your browser by following these video instructions.
11:30 - 12:30

Live webinar - Zoom Meeting access here


The meeting ID and password will be available via the Hub description. 

  Legal Metrology and Hallmarking        


Regulators Companion & Updated Metrology guidance

Office for Product Safety and Standards

A look at the regulators companion site and details of the updated Legal Metrology guidance available.   



Weights and Measures - Duties and Powers refresher

Gerry Dutton, CTSI Lead Officer Legal Metrology

Whilst the main Enforcement powers of entry and inspection transferred into the Consumer Rights Act, in 2015, some powers are restricted to Weights and Measures Inspectors and significant number of powers specific to instruments and products stayed within various legislation. This presentation is a refresher summary of the powers together with Duties of Weights and Measures Authorities and Inspectors.    PowerPoint  40mins  

Hallmarking - Take your marks!

Robert Grice

TBC   Document 5mins  

EU Exit and Trading Standards - Legal Metrology

CTSI Lead Officer Network

A podcast focussing on the impacts, threats and opportunities of EU Exit from a Legal Metrology perspective.   Podcast   35mins  

Legal Metrology - Reducing detriment with accurate measurement and enforcement

Infographic outlining the threats and opportunities of EU Exit on Legal Metrology   Infographic 5mins  

SCOTSS Jewellery Project Findings


    Document 15mins  
  Scams and vulnerable consumers        

COVID-19 an exploitation, explosion and extortion of a crisis

Katherine Hart, CTSI Lead Officer Doorstep Crime

A look into the rapid succession of doorstep scams which became evident during the pandemic, with consideration of how sharing intel can produce great results.   Recording 10mins  

What’s going on ‘ere then?’

Tim Day, CTSI Lead Officers Doorstep Crime

An empirical exploration of the anatomy of rogue trading incidents. Practioner Research into Doorstep crime.   PowerPoint 30mins  

Securing funding for your scam prevention projects 

Steve Smith, trueCall

Many trading standards teams struggle to secure funding to support their scam prevention projects. Steve Smith of trueCall talks about how to build a compelling case for allocating resources to this important work.    Recording   20mins  

Cost justifying your call blocking project

Steve Smith, trueCall

If you want to continue to receive funding for your scam prevention work you need to be able to demonstrate these benefits to people outside your team. Steve Smith of trueCall explains how to build a cost/benefit model - without having to use any tricky maths!  
  Recording 30mins   

trueCall for mobile phones - new product launch!

Steve Smith, trueCall 

trueCall are releasing their first mobile phone products this year to give vulnerable people the same level of protection to mobile phone users as has the trueCall box gives to landlines, with some exciting new features. Steve Smith of trueCall will explain how it works, and the benefits for older vulnerable people.    Recording  20mins   

Regulatory Services Community Check-in: COVID-19 Scams Update

CTSI Lead Officer Katherine Hart alongside NTS Scams Team hosted by Civica 

During this check-in we heard from Friends Against Scams, Business Against Scams and CTSI on various scams taking place and how they are impacting our communities. We also discussed resources available to help raise awareness of scams and protect our citizens.     Recording  60mins  

Regulatory Services Community Check-in: Community Safety

Hosted by Civica 

During this check-in Victims Support and Neighbourhood Watch outlined projects and concerns surrounding the safety of our citizens. Inspiring us to protect our neighbours and continue the sense of community spirit we are currently experiencing.   Recording 60mins  

Disruption/Criminal behaviour change

NTS Scams Team

A look into the work the team have done disrupting criminals and how this has changed criminal behaviour.   Document TBC  


Louise Baxter, NTS Scams Team

A discussion around the wellbeing academic study the team did relating to call blockers   Recording 30mins  









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