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Training Courses

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The Stage 1 training dates starting in September are available for booking on the website.

Some of Stage 2 training courses course dates are being revisited, due to low number, please contact the team for more information. 

Office for Product Safety & Standards

Office for Product Safety & Standards

CTSI has joined forces with the Office for Product Safety & Standards to deliver a programme of FREE product safety and legal metrology training to all local authorities. A UK wide programme of practical workshops and seminars is currently underway and will continue throughout 2019.

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CPCF Unit 1 Training


This unit will introduce you to the nature, structure and regulatory framework in the UK. In addition, you will be provided with a basic understanding of the legal system in the UK and the structure of the civil and criminal courts. You will learn the formation of contracts and the concept of obligations and liabilities within contracts.

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CPCF Unit 2 Training


This unit will provide you with the knowledge of business formation and the role of self-regulation as a means to maintaining compliance. You will explore the various agencies involved in this process. You will learn about the role of business advice as a means to developing an environment of compliance and understand how compliance is achieved, including the concept of Primary Authority.

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CPCF Unit 3 Training


This unit will provide you with the knowledge of core consumer protection legislation and processes which ensure a fair-trading environment within the UK. You will gain an understanding of the criminal and civil legislative mechanisms and the powers to enforce them. In addition, you will also learn the procedural framework for investigation and evidence gathering.

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CPCF Unit 4 Weights & Measures Training


This unit will provide you with the knowledge and understanding of the legal metrology framework in the UK (and how it interacts with the EU). You will learn about the legal requirements for the principles of measurement of mass, length, volume follow and density. You will learn how to examine and test equipment and apply your regulatory powers and take appropriate enforcement action when errors are identified.

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CPCF Unit 4 Feed Training


This unit will provide you with the knowledge and key understanding of the application of feed law. You will learn about the legal requirements in relation to food standards, including formal sampling, their application to food. Additionally, you will learn about how food affects health and well-being.

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CPCF Assessor Course 2019

CPCF Assessor Course 2019

CTSI Professional Competency Framework (CPCF). This is a free course for those who intend to assess a portfolio for a candidate(s) studying within the CPCF.

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