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ADR Approved Bodies

Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution Airlines - CEDR

Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution Airlines - CEDR

CEDR covers any flight that departs or arrives in the United Kingdom by an airline that subscribes to CEDR’s ADR scheme. Please click here for a list of airports and airlines that are covered. This process is free for consumers.

Contact details


70 Fleet Street
London, EC4Y 1EU
United Kingdom

Contact information

Email address: aviation@cedr.com
Website: http://www.cedr.com/aviation
Phone: 02075366099

Type or sector of disputes

The entity is competent for disputes in the following sectors

  • Transport services

  • Airlines

The entity is competent for disputes against traders established in

  • United Kingdom



  • Fees have to be paid by the consumer

  • Variable fee

  • Fees have to be paid by the trader

  • Fixed fee

  •  You will be asked to provide authorisation for a payment of £25 at time of application but if your claim is successful the adjudication is free and you will receive 100% of the compensation directed by the adjudicator. The only other cost to you is in preparing and submitting your application, for example, photocopying and postage.

  •  All claims with an element that relates to disability rights will be exempt from the £25 charge if the claim is not successful. 


The entity is handling the procedure in the following languages:

  • English

Average length of the procedure (in days or months)

  • The procedure has an average length of 90 days

Conduct of the procedure

  • The procedure is done: in writing

  • The entity does not require the physical presence of the parties and/or of their representative

Outcome of the procedure

  • The procedure is binding upon agreement by one or both parties

Grounds for refusal

  • The consumer did not attempt to contact the trader first to try and resolve the matter bilaterally

  • The dispute is frivolous or vexatious

  • The complaint is being or has previously been considered by another dispute resolution body or by a court

  • The value of the claim is below or above the required threshold

  • The consumer has not submitted the complaint to the dispute resolution body within the required time limit

  • Dealing with the dispute will seriously affect the functioning of the dispute resolution body



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