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NEW : The Business Certificate of Competence in Product Safety (BCCPS)

UK Product Safety Certification

UK Product Safety Certification

Find out about the Business Certificate of Competence in Product Safety (BCCPS) - our new certification for Product Safety professionals.



Learn what it takes to have complete confidence in your abilities, knowledge and application on UK focused product safety.



Seize the opportunity to make connections and networking to support you in your professional career.

Expand your CAPACITY

Expand your CAPACITY

We can help you develop the capacity to better navigate the complex world of UK product safety regulations.

Do you work in the consumer products industry? Are you responsible for designing, manufacturing or distributing consumer goods? Or are you part of the supply-chain? If so, our new certificate training course should be of interest to you.

Whether your company already has goods available in the UK - or hopes to break into the UK market sometime in the future - our new Business Certificate of Competence in Product Safety (BCCPS) course has been created with you in mind. At long last, there is a certification that, formally, recognises your knowledge and accomplishments in the field of product safety - while providing insights, techniques and best practice that aims to put your business ahead of the competition.

Awareness Day - 30th May 2024

Book a FREE place on the BCCPS Awareness Day - which includes an introduction to the course content and presenters - to be held at CTSI's London Office (in Cannon Street, London EC4), on Thursday 30th May 2024.

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Latest BCCPS News

> ICPHSO 2024 - Annual Symposium (Orlando, Florida, USA)


[UPDATED 16th February 2024]  CTSI and the BCCPS team would like to extend a very warm welcome to their fellow speakers, delegates and representatives at the ICPHSO 2024 Annual Conference taking place in Orlando, Florida (19th-22nd February 2024).

If you want to know more about BCCPS, please talk to our representatives at the exhibition stand of the Office for Product Safety and Standards (the UK Government agency responsible for product safety). Alternatively, please join us for our Breakout Session - exploring the support available for Online Business Compliance - to be held at 2.30pm on Tuesday afternoon:

PAS 7050 : Cracking UK Compliance in a post-BREXIT world

BREAKOUT SESSION 22 : Online Business Compliance Support

We are excited to announce that BCCPS course convenor, Phil Owen (CTSI), will be hosting a workshop session discussing the support available for online businesses aiming to offer their products within the UK market, now the UK is no longer part of the European Union's Single Market. With guest speakers Graham Russell, Chief Exec of the UK's OPSS, and UK product safety expert, Geraldine Cosh.

BRIEFING NOTE : Alongside the ongoing work to embed PAS 7050 as the primary guidance for businesses wanting to place safe products on the UK market - there's an additional focus on businesses that mainly trade through Online Marketplaces. We know that far higher numbers of unsafe and non-compliant products find their way online. Therefore, we need to explore more ways we can help online businesses offer the same degree of assurance that people get when buying on the high street.

QUESTION: Is the BCCPS course suitable for Non-UK (i.e. international) product safety professionals?

> BCCPS 2024 - Cohort #1: Fully Booked!

[UPDATED 9th February 2024]  We are very excited to announce that all places on the inaugural BCCPS 2024 Course - which is due to start in May 2024 - have already been filled. We look forward to welcoming our first cohort at the kick-off sessions in Central London, on the 1st and 2nd May. You can now Book Your Place on the Next BCCPS Cohort - starting in September 2024.

About the BCCPS training course

The world of legislation and regulating products is complex but essential for both businesses and consumers. This training, led by industry experts, will provide the information you need to help you navigate this complex area.

You will learn why product safety is important, how the various regulators carry out market surveillance and enforce product safety and how to manage the risk that arises from participating in the market. This information will enable you to ensure the safety of your products, customers and ultimately protect your brand.

How can it help you?

The regulatory frameworks for the safety and conformity of products can be overwhelming, particularly with the ongoing evolution of the regulatory framework, the constant flux of markets and supply chains, changes to manufacturing practices and finally the UK’s exit from the European Union.

This programme has been designed to help participants unravel and apply the legal requirements that cover all products - with additional instruction in a number of specific sectors too. Participants will be provided with background information and rationale for requirements, as well as the requirements themselves, to assist in understanding and providing a basis for the development of skills which will be invaluable in ensuring the products are safe and compliant.

We will help you develop and get it right in a supportive, open environment where questions are welcomed.  Your knowledge and skills in the area of Product Safety will be enhanced and there are useful resources and contacts you can take away with you for reference after the training.

Who is the BCCPS course aimed at?

The BCCPS training course - certified by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute, the 140 year old body that represents the trading standards profession in the United Kingdom (and sits at the centre of the UK consumer protection landscape) - is open to product safety professionals based in the UK or abroad.

Put simply, it has been created for ALL product safety professionals who offer goods on the UK market (the world's 2nd largest English-speaking economy, and 6th overall), or who wish to do so in the future. Wherever you are in the world, the course will teach you the skills and competencies needed to deal with the very specific legislative challenges you will encounter when placing goods in this dynamic and receptive market.

The BCCPS fills a very obvious gap - particularly for those seeking a formal recognition of their own product safety skills and experience, or a simple way of determining the accomplishments and capabilities of others. The course also provides ample networking opportunities - as you will learn alongside a select cohort of your peers in the global product safety industry.

And, while the majority of the course is taught through live online learning, the initial and final 'in-person' stages are held in London, UK (conducted over several days). There, you will get the chance to meet both the other members of your cohort, and the course contributors too. And we look forward to meeting you.

Meet our presenters

Our Course Presenters and Contributors are all accomplished professionals in the field of product safety and consumer protection, with extensive experience across the public and commercial sectors. Their mini biographies are available on the Presenter Profiles page.

Read more about our presenters

What can you expect?

The BCCPS training course last six months. Cohort #1 begins in May 2024, while Cohort #2 starts in September 2024 (subsequent cohorts will be announced in due course). It takes place both online and in-person, with an initial two-day seminar, followed by a final one-day seminar - both held in London - alongside five, hour-long core webinars. In addition to this, participants will be expected to pick a four-hour online course from the seven product-specific modules available.

These include : Toys, PPE, Cosmetics, Gas Appliances, Electrical Goods, and Clothing, Footwear & Accessories. On top of this, they will receive 18 hours of teaching. By the end of the full BCCPS course, participants will receive a total of 22 hours of teaching time, with the option to choose another product-specific module in addition to the one already chosen (this is subject to a separate fee).


The course is competency-based, therefore, the following methods of assessment are used to confirm that participants have developed the appropriate skills to apply the knowledge learned during the seminars and webinars.

      1. Assignment – Application of knowledge in the workplace to solve a problem or manage an identified risk. The issue will be identified, and then addressed through the practical application of knowledge to demonstrate the necessary practitioner skills in a real-world situation.
      2. Professional Discussion on a Live Scenario – This assessment is undertaken in interview format, by the presentation of a hypothetical situation and then questioning to assess responsive thinking, the application of knowledge and dynamic problem solving.
      3. Multiple-Choice Assessment – These will be delivered online after each seminar and webinar, to assess and reinforce the knowledge developed.

Course objectives

Completion of the BCCPS training course will provide product safety professionals with:

      • Confidence in their abilities, knowledge and application on product safety
      • Network and connections to support them in their professional career
      • Th opportunity to enhance and demonstrate competence in product safety and the management of identified risk.


Course Fees + Booking

The full course, including Assessments, is priced at £2,500 + VAT.

      • CTSI MEMBERS : Individual and Corporate Members qualify for a 5% Discount.
      • EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT : Participants who sign-up before 31st May 2024 - for either Cohort #1 or Cohort #2 - will also receive a 5% Discount.

PLEASE NOTE : These course fees do not include accommodation for our 'in-person' sessions in Central London. However, our Operations Team can advise you on finding suitable accommodation (particularly if you are travelling to the UK from overseas).

1)    BCCPS Cohort #1 : sorry, this course is FULL

      • KEY DATES: May to October 2024.
      • IN-PERSON ATTENDANCE: The course requires on-site participation at a 2 day seminar on May 1st and 2nd, and a one-day session either on October 23rd, 24th or 25th, which will be held in central London.
      • OPENING DINNER: Sedgwick have, very kindly, sponsored a dinner on May 1st. Please email [email protected], if you are able to attend.

Book Your Place Here (BOOKING - closed)

2)    BCCPS Cohort #2 : available ( 14 places left )

      • KEY DATES: September 2024 to January/February 2025.
      • IN-PERSON ATTENDANCE: The course requires on-site participation at a 2 day seminar in September, followed by a one-day session in January or February, to be held in central London. Other dates, details and locations will be confirmed closer to the date.

Book Your Place Here (BOOKING - now open)

3)    BCCPS Cohort #3 : tbc

      • KEY DATES: May to October 2025.
      • IN-PERSON ATTENDANCE: The course requires on-site participation at a 2 day seminar, and a one-day session. All dates, details and locations will be confirmed closer to launch.

Book Your Place Here (BOOKING - not open)

BCCPS Awareness Day (Introduction)

Come and join us for our second BCCPS Awareness Day on Thursday, 30th May in London. This event, led by industry experts, will provide participants with an introduction to the BCCPS Training Course and cover the following topics:

      • Why is Product Safety Important?
      • Product Safety from a Regulator's perspective
      • When things go wrong - the science of risk and corrective action.

The event will start with Registration at 10am, with a 3.15pm finish (a sandwich lunch will be provided). This awareness day is aimed at businesses who may be interested in pursuing the BCCPS. And there is No Admission Charge.

Attend our FREE introduction (30th May 2024)


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For further information or to register your interest, please email [email protected].

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