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A Brexit Think Tank will consider the details

Allied to the VPs strategic aims, a separate Brexit Think Tank will be created under the control and direction of CTSI Council, its role being to consider the technical details of those areas most affected by the revolution in EU law and to advise of the risks and opportunities for trading standards. 

The Think Tank will ensure ongoing focussed debate during Brexit negotiations (with expertise and policy to hand) influencing the consumer protection agenda and ensuring that important provisions and systems aren't removed, broken or compromised.

With the enormous EU influence of 136 Directives and 527 regulations in the areas of consumers, environment and health protection - it is perhaps impossible to consider and unpick every aspect of the EU's effects on the daily lives of consumers. 

For that reason the Think Tank will have a considered professional focus on the areas of trading standards enforcement that have been most shaped by the EU revolution, including product safety; metrology; fair trading civil and criminal; feed and food; travel; rural trading standards (in areas such as animal health and agriculture) – as well as travel rights and intellectual property.  

Comprising CTSI lead officers, heads of service, representatives of cross border arrangements as well as policy and legal experts – the Think Tank will firstly consider the Brexit implications on cross border arrangements for enforcement, advice and cooperation -not least the complex issues with CE marking, labelling, technical files and harmonised standards.

The Government's stated aim is that there will be no changes during the Article 50 period and that the great repeal bill, with its devolved and delegated powers, will convert all directly applicable EU law to UK law before we leave.  In this way it seeks to have 'business as usual' and make sure that no black hole exists in the UK statute book as the European Communities Act is repealed. The Think Tank will examine closely the changes during our negotiated exit to ensure that this aim is upheld – providing influence and expertise wherever possible.

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