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October Council Minutes now available

Dear colleagues

Please note the CTSI Council minutes from 3 October 2019 meeting are available to view https://www.tradingstandards.uk/my-account/members-resources

You will need to be logged into the website to view this information. 

If you cannot recall your login details please contact membership@tsi.org.uk or call 01268 582 200



Big Membership Debate

Dear colleague

CTSI has launched a fundamental review of its membership strategy. This has started with the launch of the Big Membership Debate blog, which can be found online: http://www.journaloftradingstandards.co.uk/big-membership-debate/

You should soon receive correspondence outlining the next steps.

Please take the time to comment on the blog, be that positive or negative, we need your views to engage and shape the future direction of the Institute.

Once the survey is launched next week please share this with colleagues and non-members, we are looking for a high level of engagement in order to facilitate change.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Nominations for Fellowship 2021

Dear Colleague

The College of Fellows are seeking your help with nominations for Fellowship for possible installation in 2021. We would encourage sections and branches to regularly consider potential nominations for any of their number that meet the criteria set out below.  

Fellowships may be granted, at the discretion of Council, to any member of long standing, normally at least ten years, who has:

[a] made an original and exceptional contribution to trading standards by way of research, initiative or otherwise and/or

[b] rendered outstanding and distinguished service to the Institute and the objects which the Institute serves.

Do you know anyone who meets the above and who merits recognition by you and your colleagues? What about long serving branch/section officers, CTSI Lead Officers etc.

The College of Fellows encourages nominations for Fellowship. We would particularly welcome nominations that reflect the diverse profile of the trading standards profession today.

The process to Fellowship does take time, but starts with completion of a nomination form that does full justice to the candidate, providing full details of their contribution to the profession, including making clear those that were not part of any paid employment.

We would be grateful if you could consider potential Fellowships and complete and send any nomination form to the Registrar no later than end January 2020. 

For a copy of the nomination form please contact the Registrar, Brian Stone. Who would also be happy to discuss any aspect of the process or individual nominations as they are being drafted.

Contact email: Registrar@tsi.org.uk


CTSI Symposium 2020


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