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Fellowship Nominations for Award in 2022

The College Annual General Meeting will be held at the delayed Symposium at end of September, therefore the deadline for nominations has, this year, been extended till end of July.  

In the current COVID climate and recognising the difficulties in getting the application form signed, we are happy to accept the completed form without all the signatures.

Please as a minimum show the names and email address of proposer, seconder and the 6 other supporting members so that verification can be sought if needed.

Application forms can be requested from the registrar brians@tsi.org.uk or via membership@tsi.org.uk

The College is aware of the need to reflect the diversity of the profession, and would welcome applications from diverse backgrounds and BAME groups that better reflect the profile of the profession.


CTSI Virtual Council Meeting Minutes - 28 April 2021/Mini-Council meeting minutes: Meet your CEO

The minutes from the CTSI Virtual Spring Council meeting which took place on 28 April 2021 and the Mini-Council Meeting: Meet your CEO, which took place on 10 May 2021 are available on the CTSI website at https://www.tradingstandards.uk/my-account/members-resources

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CPCF Qualification Review Consultation 2021

It is important that the CTSI qualifications offer adapts to meet the needs of its many stakeholders now and into the future and that the Institute has the appropriate mechanisms to deliver it in a sustainable way. In conducting this review and in making any reforms it is vitally important that we consult with the profession and stakeholders to seek a broad range of views and understand the priorities so we can build support for any changes needed and clearly demonstrate the rationale and evidence base these have been drawn from.

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CTSI Symposium 2021

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