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CTSI Hero Awards 2020

The CTSI Hero Awards 2020 is our opportunity to recognise and celebrate the unsung heroes who stand on the frontline of consumer protection in our communities.

We have a number of nomination categories available for this year’s awards, opening up many opportunities for members to recognise the outstanding contributions to trading standards, whether from a colleague, a member of the public, a victim, business, or local politician.

A full breakdown of the categories can be found below along with the nomination form. We have extended the nomination deadline to June 2020 

Award ceremony

The award ceremony would have taken place at One Great George Street, London on Tuesday 7 July 2020, however, the event has been postponed due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. We will advise on a revised event date once the pandemic measures are rescinded.                                   

Nomination categories

Trading Standards Hero

The Trading Standards Hero is a trading standards officer who has demonstrated exceptional dedication to consumer protection, leaving a significant impact on the profession. We’re looking for a trading standards person who has gone above and beyond their duty, whose commitment has ensured vital work has been completed or whose perseverance has served their community.

Outstanding Trading Standards Project or Initiative

From collaborative raids between multiple authorities to joint-enforcement action on a particularly high-priority area, the award for Outstanding Trading Standards Project recognises fine examples or effective and well-executed initiatives and projects led by or involving trading standards.

Please note, the winner will feature in press material, so ensure any ongoing projects nominated are not confidential.

CTSI Brian Smith Hero Award 

Falling victim to a scam can devastate someone’s life, and it happens to even the sharpest of us. The Individual Heroes award is given to those who look out for vulnerable neighbours, volunteer within their communities, and those who may be a victim, but refuse to be defined by it.

From mail marshals and friendly faces to those affected by scams, the Individual Hero Award is your chance to recognise members of their public for the vital role they play.

Financial Institution Award

The Financial Institution award recognises the outstanding contributions to consumer protection that banks, building societies and other financial institutions offer. From diligent staff looking out for warning signs in vulnerable customers, to extensive training on the latest scams and frauds, to joint projects with local authorities, we’re looking for the Institution or branch that has shown how far it’s willing to go to serve its community. 

Business Award

The Business Award recognises businesses, or individuals within a business, or outstanding projects and initiatives that have demonstrated their commitment to consumer protection, going beyond regulatory duties to make sure products are safe and customers are satisfied. We’re looking for nominees that have either worked closely with trading standards or have made significant contributions to the field of consumer protection.

Best Consumer Protection Campaign or Journalist

From scams awareness to illicit tobacco products, awareness campaigns and media stories are a vital tool in the consumer protection arsenal. Whether working independently or in partnership with multiple agencies or individuals, we’re looking for campaigns which demonstrated originality and variety, or journalists who have worked hard to ensure consumer protections is the story on everyone’s lips.

Product Safety Initiative

Supported by the Office for Product Safety and Standards, the Product Safety Award celebrates individuals, projects or initiatives that demonstrate commitment to ensure products in the marketplace are safe. From electrical product safety to dangerous chemicals, we’re looking for nominations that put the safety of consumers above all else.

Political Award

The work of local authority trading standards services is tied intricately to both local and central government. The Political Award recognises politicians and political operatives of all persuasions, from local councillors to peers, who are champions of consumer protection and trading standards.

The Institute’s Hero 2020

The Institute’s Hero is a special award given by the Institute to the individual we believe has made an unrivalled impression on consumer protection in the UK. This award is chosen by CTSI staff directly, will not necessarily be awarded every year, and is not open to nominations. It is included here for reference. 

Read coverage of the 2019 Hero Awards event on the Journal of Trading Standards website.

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