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CTSI Strategy for leaving the EU

Following the Brexit referendum vote in June 2016 there are countless questions on how we in the UK might untangle our shared laws, policies and interconnected frameworks from the rest of European Union – and what the effects of the changes might be. The triggering of Article 50 (of the Lisbon Treaty) has set the ball rolling on a two year period of renegotiation as we start to transform our decades' long relationship with our European neighbours.

The recent Government gave some clarity on their strategy through a white paper on a so called 'great repeal bill' - but so many hard questions remain. 

Serious questions arise over the shape of any future UK trade deals with the EU as well as those with other trading blocs. Not least - as we explore new opportunities across the globe – to what extent do we wish the UK to align or diverge from the EU single market laws and policy frameworks and what are the consequences of either path?

It seems the only certainty is that change is coming as more than 40 years of working with the EU on consumer protection will draw to a close. Such a seismic change in legal supremacy creates both opportunities and threats to our consumer protection system, its cross border arrangements, networks and standards. 

At CTSI our strategic objective is to lead debates that shape and promote our profession.  There can be no bigger debate for trading standards in our generation than the consequences of Brexit.

Vice Presidents shape our Brexit strategy

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CTSI creates a Brexit Think Tank

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Members of the Brexit Think Tank

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Brexit Think Tank strategy and timeline

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Brexit means change, but it cannot return consumers to the local marketplaces that existed when the UK entered the EEC in 1973. There are now immense retail chains that wield economies of scale and span regions, nations and international borders. Modern consumers increasingly access goods and services across the world through the tap of a phone screen or the click of a mouse. 

CTSI is your voice in the important changes ahead of us and we want to hear your views - please email policy@tsi.org.uk 


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